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Thread: Want to buy some Cards..

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    Want to buy some Cards..

    Post a list here or pm me.. I will only pay 5% on base cards.. 10% on inserts and 15% on #ed cards.. Not really looking for anything that books higher than 10 dollars at this time.. Please let me know what you have and if you will sell for my buy %'s above..

    I will pay with paypal if sale is not too high and personal checks if its a bigger sale.. Those are the only two methods of payment i use..

    I am only going to be purchasing cards of these players till next friday then i will be putting these collections away and starting 3 new players.. So please help me out if you have anything of these guys.. Thanks Alot..

    Players I am looking to buy cards of::
    Jason Terry
    Paul Pierce
    Antoine Walker

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    I'll send you a list later today, I have tons of cards from these players. I'll throw in base cards with the purchase of inserts, serial #d and game used. I'm selling off my whole collection. Over $40,000 mostly mid to low end cards.


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    Hi, I am not interested in gu or autos of them guys really.. I am just looking for base, inserts and #ed cards no gu/autos or rookies.. If you have any game used or autos for sale cheap though check out my gu/auto buying post and see if you can help me there.. Thanks Alot..

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    i am only buying these players till next friday.. Cmon guys help me out here.. I am only looking to buy at this time..

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    My list of GU for 1 or 2 dollars is too long to post I have alot of them. Please E Mail me at for a complete list. I also have a list of Inserts for the players your looking for.


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    I emailed you like you asked about please get back to me.. Thanks Alot..

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    i have 35 walkers, 15 pierce, and 18 terry's... i dont really have time to list them but for 68 cards i could do 4.00 dlvd
    Magglio Ordonez 665/4851 13.7%
    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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    As long as they are all base, insert or #ed and no rcs or anything then you have a deal.. Please let me know asap.. If no rcs are included or anything then we have a sale and i would like if you could post this up and send me your paypal address and ill drop you the 4.00.. Thanks Alot..

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