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Thread: Martell Webster

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    Martell Webster

    I still need many Martell Webster cards. plmk what you have.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Well ive Got The:

    05-06 Bowman Welcome To The Show Rc Jsy Card

    only looking for:

    Iverson (That i Dont Have)

    In That Order Of Importance Lmk What you Have thanks

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    Well, Ill let you know. I made a trade for one of these, and he said 3 weeks ago that he sent it, but he hasnt responded to either of the 2 emails Ive sent him. Luckily he was sending first. If I get it or not, Ill let you know. Thanks

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    ok i also have his 05-06 Topps Pristine Personal Pieces Rc Game Used card lmk thanks

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    OK, I need that....I dont have any GU of the players you listed....Rookies though?

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    well i can possibly do it for rookies depending on if i dont have them already and who they are, now as far as book value goes there aint no listing yet for Pristine 05-06 so i would assume it would be in the $15-$20 brackett so lmk thanks

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    OK, I have more, but I know for sure without having to check.

    Ben Gordon Bowman RC, Topps Total "Total Topps" insert RC
    Carmelo Victory RC
    AI Topps Stadium Club RC

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    ok i dont need any of those maybe the iverson stadium club but i dont see a listing for iverson unless its members club 1 or 2 or 55 lmk

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    I dont see it saying Members Choice
    Its #R16 though if that helps..., and it says ROOKIE along the left side.

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    would you happen to have a scan and is that card numbered i still cant find it lmk thanks

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