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    FT/FS Football Team Lots almost for Free

    Hello, I have had success with this in the past and am looking to do it again. I have picked up a few collections and am chopping up the base cards. I am looking to unload team lots for as close to free as you can get. Here are the parameters for the trade:

    1: $1.50 in bv from my want list per every 50 cards.

    2: You include with your end of the trade money for my true shipping cost, minus $1.

    So, for example: I have 350 cards of your team. You would need to come up with $10.50 in bv from my wants. Also, if shipping was $3.00 you would include $2 cash with your cards. I recognizee you will incur shipping costs as well (with package about a buck--hence the credit for $1), but I am trading these cards for next to nothing (3 cents a card) so I am asking you incur the cost for me to ship the higher volume. Also, the 3 cents a card is a steal because most teams will have star cards in them, and will certainly contain semistar. For example, the 49ers lot includes Steve Young cards; Curtis Martin/Pennington in the Jets; Dillon in the Bengals. So, 3 cents trade /card is an incredible deal.

    My want list is quite extensive and includes any non-base common of any former Tenn Vols FB player and any current Tenn Titans. I am also building about 500 refractor and parallel sets so if you have a few of those take a look at my wants and you probably have something. I prefer the set wants first, so please help out there if you can.

    Player wants:
    Set wants:

    These lots do not contain high concentration of older cards--over half and in many cases almost all cards are 98-present and include chrome and higher end. There may even be some inserts and misc. rcs included.

    Also, if you want to do a lot trade for the rookies/inserts of a given team I will do that at even bv from my want lists. I do not need to see a list of what you have, you just tell me the bv on the rookies/inserts you have and I will match it with your team.

    Now, there are a few teams not available:

    NFC: Vikings, Packers, Bears, Rams
    AFC: Steelers, Patriots, Chiefs

    Some teams have more than others. If you do cards shows close to a team you can make small grab bags at $1 a piece and make a killing on this deal!

    This post goes out to a ton of forums, so e-mail replies please!

    Thanks for the read!


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    Sounds like a good deal. LMK what all you have for broncos, and Ill look at your want lists...

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