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Thread: Looking To Trade

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    Looking To Trade

    K-Martin UD Ovation Warm Ups --2002

    Q_Richardson & L-Odom SPx Winning Combos--2002

    G-Robinson Topps Ten Team Leader Warm Up white --2002

    T-Mac Mad Game Refractor Topps Chrome --2002

    Shawn Marion SPx Wining Materials Two Color Black & Purple

    Roy Collection M=Miller --01-02

    UD Inspirations Rasual Butler & Eddie Jones Dual Jersey--2003

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    This is all i have--

    SP SOTT M-N'Diaye----2001
    UD Inspirations B-Nachbar 1489/1600--2003
    Sage D-Gadzuric Hand #ed 288/450----2002
    Hit Gold D-Andersen Hand #ed 17/100--2002
    Sage V-Hamilton 3ed 146/200
    Vital Signs QuincyLewis --1999
    Sage M-Jeffers #ed 254/370--2001
    Hit Jason Hart --2000
    Hit P-Savovic --2002
    Press Pass Anthony Parker --97

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    what does the nachbar book and what would you want?

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    Originally posted by bdrr
    what does the nachbar book and what would you want?

    15.00 I guess I don't have a new beckett looking for a GU ,LMK

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