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    Marshall658's TTM and IP success thread

    Hey, why not. I've been lurking here awhile so I figure I might as well start posting my successes and sharing them. I've been collecting for the past year and have had about 175 successes but I just started making customs (I started very simple with my own version of 1962 Topps) so that inspired me to post this thread. I look forward to getting to know the people on here and posting my successes more often now. Anyway, I'll just start with the ones from like the last week or so.

    Jamie Langenbrunner (c/o Stars in 4 1/2 months)

    Bob Friend (c/o home in 7 days)

    Travis Ishikawa (c/o Fresno in 8 days)

    Virgil Trucks (c/o home in 10 days)

    Carl Erskine (c/o home in 12 days)

    And I also went to a Blueclaws/Shorebirds game last night and got a sig from their #10 prospect, Jonathan Schoop. I would've tried for Manny Machado as well but he was still on the DL and did not travel with the team.

    Here's my card from Schoop

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    Great successes... Love the Virgil Trucks... is that a stamp of a fire truck? Did you add that or him? Either way its fantastic.. Keep up the good work.

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    It's a stamp and he added it himself. I thought it was really awesome. He also sent me his own Diamond Signatures card which was personalized (without the stamp though) and he answered a few questions I had asked. Anyone who hasn't sent to Mr. Trucks really should. He's a true friend of the hobby and one of the nicest players I've ever sent to.

    Also, as to not clog this thread up to much right away, I figure on days that I don't receive a new autograph in the mail, I'll post an older one. They're all from within the last year so most addresses are still good and whatnot and I figure it's a more fun way to show off a bit without bombarding people with a huge list. Thanks for the warm welcome btw.
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    Since today was an empty mail day, I'll post one of my favorites from the "archives" haha.

    Mr. Blyleven usually charges and I think his prices have gone up lately but I got him for free with a nice letter. He also included a very cool inscription after I had mentioned that I was a big fan of him as a commentator and his habit of circling fans with the telestrator.

    Bert Blyleven (c/o PO Box)
    Sent: 1/22/11
    Rcvd: 2/3/11

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    Today brought back a nice return, 2x All-Star and member of the 1960 World Series Pirates team, Bob Skinner. He's now the 8th member of that team that I've gotten TTM, which is pretty cool.

    1/1 in 8 days c/o home.

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    Today was an unlucky day as far as TTM goes. Got back a Chone Figgins custom unsigned in 16 days and received a preprint from Elvis Andrus in about 6 weeks. However, I did get a few photos I had bought today so I figured I'd share because hey, why not. Technically I did get them in the mail haha.

    Enos Slaughter

    Tony Perez

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    Today was a good day in the TTM department as I received two autographs back. The first was from one of the heroes of the 1960 World Series, Hal Smith, who signed c/o home in 11 days.

    The other was Mookie Wilson, hero of the 1986 World Series (as long as you're not a Red Sox fan that is). He signed c/o the Mets in 13 days.

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    The last two days have been great for me as far as graphs go, both in person and TTM. I received autographs from 11 different players, probably my best two day streak ever with 5 one day and 4 the other, 8 of which were from my recent quest to get as many '54 Topps archives signed by living players as possible. Here's the haul.

    Jameson Taillon 1/1 IP
    Aaron Altherr 1/1 IP
    Matt LaPorta 2/1 c/o Indians in 15 days

    Jack Harshman 2/2 c/o home in 7 days
    Wally Westlake 2/1 c/o home in 6 days (added own photo not pictured)
    Mike Sandlock 1/1 c/o home in 5 days

    Ned Garver 3/1 c/o home in 6 days (added own card and signed 8x10 sheet with accomplishments not pictured)
    John Hetki 1/1 c/o home in 6 days
    Grady Hatton 1/1 c/o home in 6 days
    Bob Oldis 1/1 c/o home in 7 days
    Dave Philley 1/1 c/o home in 6 days (w/ $10)

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    I was away all weekend and just got around to opening up my successes from Saturday along with today's mail. Over that span I got 16 returns, all from players in the 1954 Topps archive set, bringing my total of guys I've gotten from that set to 46, which is pretty cool. By the way, I know I don't post addresses (it's just because I'm lazy), but if anyone wants any and they're not elsewhere on this site, feel free to ask. I don't mind sharing, I just don't wanna crowd this thread with addresses if nobody wants them. All of these were c/o home.

    Jim Robertson 1/1 in 6 days (not the best sig, he actually apologized to me about that and said if he could find another one he'd send it my way signed, total class act)
    Don Johnson 1/1 in 7 days (thanked me for remembering him and writing)
    Jack Dittmer 1/1 in 6 days
    Mel Roach 1/1 in 6 days
    Stu Miller 1/1 in 10 days

    Bob Miller 2/2 in 8 days
    Charlie Thompson 1/1 in 5 days
    Bob "Red" Wilson 1/1 in 8 days
    Cot Deal 1/1 in 7 days
    Bob Borkowski in 7 days

    Bill Renna 2/1 in 7 days
    Jim Rivera 1/1 in 7 days
    Johnny Logan 1/1 in 10 days
    Dick Brodowski 1/1 in 6 days
    Ted Lepcio 1/1 in 6 days

    Dick Cole 2/1 in 7 days. This one is especially cool to me because I'm a HUGE Giants fan.

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    great job so far on that set man! they look great.

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