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Thread: 3 Spx box break

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    3 Spx box break

    At the local show this week I went a bit nuts, I bought 3 SPx, 2 Pristine, and 1 box of Sweet Shot.
    Daniel Ewing spectrum 25/25
    Luther Head 1313/1499
    Jarrett Jack 1346/1499
    CJ Miles 1496/1499
    S. Jasikevicius 59/1499
    Marvin Williams 505/750 721/750

    Winning Materials- Dual GU
    Ginobili, Gasol, R.Allen, V.Carter

    Winning Combos- GU
    AK47/Boozer, Billups/Hamilton, Nowitzki/Terry, Nene/Melo, Rush/Wallace,

    J.Nelson 376/999, Redd 288/999, Marvin Williams 389/999, Jefferson 444/999
    G.Green 1188/1999, M.Webster 1179/1999, J.Graham 1929/1999, McGrady 535/999, JR Smith 44/99 spectrum

    Other rcs
    Earl Barron, Orien Greene, Esteban Batista, Fabricio Oberto

    2 full sets

    Uncirculated cards-
    Tinsley, Childress, L.Hughes, Okafor, Webber, B.Wallace, J.Hodge, L.Head, E.Brand GU
    Uncommon Relics-
    Wade, Iverson, Simien, Bogut
    Box Toppers-
    Sprewell, Kobe Bryant
    Personal Pieces-
    Vujacic, Frye, Bogut, Shaq(rare), C.Brinkley (U)
    A.Bynum, May,Green,Warrick x2, Hodge, Garcia, CJ Miles, Jasikevicius
    Certified AU- Sean May, 1st box did not have one

    Sweet Shot-
    Rookies- Wafer, Singleton, Gomes, A.Wright
    Parallels- G.Wallace, U.Haslem

    Sweet Swatches- Korver 24/50
    Sweet Shot GU Deng 10/50
    Signature Shots- Steve Nash AU
    Sweet Shot Signatures John Wooden 1/1 !!!!!!!!

    I bought some 04-05 SP Authentic packs and 05-06 SP Game Used, but only thing to report was 04-05 Melo Authentic Patch AU.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I like this G.Green 1188/1999 (just regular RC right??)
    and the Nash Auto
    Check my stuff....Thanks!

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    I like the Webster SPX. What are you looking for for it?

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    I dont have a trade page yet, just too much work to put one together, but in my sig. it lists basically what I am looking for, Patrick Ewing, Lebron,Iverson,Shaq,Duncan and Kobe rcs. I might be interested in some D.Howard rcs also

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    Xavier, you collect Terry? I have about 60 or so if you are interested in a list of those as well.

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    I guess it would be wise of me to list the cards here that I am not trading/selling
    1 Marvin Williams
    Ewing spectrum
    Lebron/Jordan- unless I get a REALLY good offer

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    i need anything channing frye you got (whatever you have of his) leave me a list here and ill get to work on your wants thanks

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    I need these:
    Wade GU, Iverson GU, Shaq GU
    Check My list or my Pristine Box Break or if you like Baseball, I also did an 05 Champions and upper Deck MLB origins Break. LMK

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    OK, Ill check for the Webster and get back to you.

    I would like the Terry's, but I dont know if I have enough to trade that youd want for them, so maybe we could work out a trade for some of them. Thanks

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    I need the Brinkley.

    Please check my page.I have some Kobe RC.

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