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Thread: I finally found my mojo!!!

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    I finally found my mojo!!!

    05-06 Sweet Shot BKB Signature Shots black thread John Wooden 1/1!!!!!!!!
    Someone please give me an idea what this might be worth, since I may put it on Ebay???????

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    a few hundred i would think....only one way to find out and thats the Bay
    he's getting up there in years, might wanna hang onto that one for a little while...then sell it when its at its peak

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    Most likely will do that, I spoke to a guy in Texas yesterday and he said IF I put it on Ebay, that it might get 1500. I thought maybe a bit high but I guess its possible maybe after he passes on.

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    i dont think it would go near that, but thats just me
    i think if you got 500, that would be solid
    but hey, you never know

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    The Dr J one like yours sold for 500 but it didnt meet reserve if that helps you with any idea of a bv

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    I got an offer today of a grand for it, so I may take it and go from there, however I saw a Channing Frye on Ebay today for 499 buy it now, I would think Wooden could go for more than 1k, but I guess I will probably take it and hopefully not tak a big one on the chin.

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    put it on ebay
    i'd ALWAYS take a chance on losing out by putting it up on ebay
    because you NEVER know what someone is going to bid

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