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Thread: walmart cards


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    Talking walmart cards

    since my parents are always there and im always with them what packs should i buy that have good cards in them like rc's auto and jerseys stuff like that

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    well wal mart sells retail packs. which means that you pay less but you get a lesser chance of pulling somthing great. but it does happen.if you like rcs then i would go with leaf rookies and stars 1 rookie a pack. they somtimes even have bowmens best in my wal mart which cost like 10-13 a pack which you get a gu or auto 1 in every two packs. thats about what i know about retail someone correct me if i gave any wrong info


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    also topps pristine has a $30 pack at target, but I am not a big fan of it

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    At my Wal-mart I bought a '05 Donruss leaf rookies and stars for $10.
    it came with 5 packs - 5 cards in each pack......I got a Byron Leftwich GU /250, Alex Smith (QB RC) Slideshow /1250, Cedric Killings /100, and I think 1-2 RC's per pack............and all my base where good I personally like the look of donruss cards!

    I would buy it again if I feel like going down o WM and buying some retail!!

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    ok well since im not made of money what packs should i buy when i go to card shops?

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    how much are you willing to spend on a pack?

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    well i really want auto r/c or just auto or just r/c.......GU and inserts will be good lol so under $50

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    absolute memrobelia is high end 40$ a pack
    leaf cirtified materials 10$ a pack at 1 insert a pack with 4 auto or gu a box in a 10 pack box
    bowmens best 10$ a pack auto or jersey 1 in 2 packs

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    yea i bought a discount $10 packs last night and i regret it because they sucked....dont buy there discount packs at walmart lol

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    went there 2 days ago and bought a espn pack and pulled a nice walter payton card common though.....can i get a auto or jersey in the bowman chrome at walmart? the pack contains 3 cards $4

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