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    bill clinton

    hes in town on friday for a rally. should I go? what are his signing habits like? I know there'll be a lot of security but does anyone know if he signs at rallies? all help is appreciated!


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    His guys may take stuff after, best chance is with a book.

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    saw him in 08. his guys took stuff. got an 8x10 done

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    get him on one of these ;)
    if there's still a burger inside he might be more inclined to stop and sign for you.

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    I had a trading card of him about 20 years ago when he was running for president. I'm not sure what happened to it. The next time he comes to town I would get a baseball or rackrs card and take my chances with him.
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    I heard he does TTM but GL if you go, that would be awesome to get his auto!
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    he will sign..hes pretty cool. i went a few years ago and all he was signing was his book but last year and the year before hes been signing baseballs and photos as well

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