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    You got me wrong in every possible sense. I rarely buy or sell stuff for the very reason that too many people treat the hobby like a business and are all about quick flipping their cards. If one treated every player in the way you mentioned that their career could end in the next play, the hobby would die as we know it out of paranoia. All I want is market value and that is why I kept lowering my price. Sure initially I aimed high and saw what I could get, since it would be stupid of me to ask for a rock bottom price at first. That's another thing, this isn't a business and it's a hobby and too many people have that confused. I find it much easier to sell a card to someone I know will keep it for their PC, regardless of what their price is.

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    I blame the low-ball bids on the bay where i NEVER deal & it seems people want it for the bay price or less which is why i dont sell many cards here, this is the only place i buy or sell. I recently traded a Hamlin auto /66 & got full bk value for it, about $15. what a joke for an autoed card /66 esp. when his UN-NUMBERED '08 signings bks for $30

    Again, I BLAME THE BAY where buyers are getting a GREAT deal now but after beckett averages out the $$ its going to go down eventually, another reason i dont deal there, i dont want to help knock down the value of my collections, but they got a great deal now...
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    If you're going to bring up ebay, dont bother responding

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    I understand I am saving fees and when I sell I usually go an average minus 15%

    I mean, you can want your cake and eat it as well, but when you are using a community as your dump point and you have no give, do not expect any sales.
    190 feedback here and only due to getting out of cards is it not over 500,but I follow the same formula and never had trouble selling

    With Comics....10% under bay and they sell like hotcakes on hot issues and if you have pristine books on can get bay prices or higher.

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    Looks like the most pressing issue on why I can't sell here and the low offers is b/c of my lack of feedback here since I just got a very fair offer for the card in question on H.I. I guess the bottom line that I am so picky about my prices is b/c I don't collect as much as I used to and thus I don't have as many cards really worth selling, so when I have a card that is in demand, I expect perhaps more for it than it is actually worth.

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    Your price would be the issue, not your feedback. Everyone has issues from time to time and people get confused and often life can get in the way and people end up butthurt....well all know this

    Then again, my success stemmed from not going "best offer, pm/post if you want"etc
    If a card averages for 100.00 on the bay I post I want 85.00 + shipping and it works
    Too many people are afraid they are asking too much or too little and don;t post a price,but fish...that may be your issue as well :)
    You seem focused that it is one thing and I can think of 3 and as I see you are in Canada...a 4th :)

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    But that's what I did lol. I asked for a price to begin with and the offers just kept getting lower and lower. I don't do that OBO stuff since the offers would most likely be even lower and I fully understand people don't like dealing with people in Canada for the multitude of reasons and this holds true for Ebay as well.

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    It's only shipping for me,with Canada

    Try to use the word FIRM in your listing
    i also would add:
    Last 3 averaged at 98.80. Tossing mine out here for 85.00 + shipping since I am saving fees :)
    In relation to my aforementioned hypothetical :)
    I know it seems frustrating,but keep at it. Once you develop ties in the community, it also helps.
    I have friends here who still chat with me and I don;t do cards, heck 2 guys even started buying comics from me :)

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    The best advice I can give is to set you prices at what you think is fair (a good starting point is what you would be willing to pay for it if you wanted to buy it) maybe tack on 5 or 10% to give yourself some wiggle room and decide on your rock bottom price. Once you do that offers can be accepted or countered or rejected without much issue. I'm in retail, I'm not in the business to sell you things at a price that will allow you to turn around and sell them to make a profit. For that reason I think my prices are fairly priced at a retail level. If you are buying from me for your PC you will get a decent price. If you think you are going to lowball me so you can make a killing you will be disappointed.

    Now I understand that you have done that, or at least you believe you have so the next step is to simply take or leave the offers without taking them personally. If someone offers you a ridiculously low price simply say no thanks and move on. If its a reasonable offer you can accept or counter or decline, it's up to you. The thing is, what is fair and reasonable and acceptable is different for everyone and so before you get upset at someone who offers you half your asking price (which I would consider an insult as well) you have to realize that they may think it is a fair and reasonable offer. Maybe they ask double for their stuff so they are willing to cut their prices in half and they think you are doing the same. The bottom line is you can't really control what people will offer so don't let the offers bother you. It takes a bit of practice but the more you do it the easier it gets.

    On the other hand some people are simply cheap dirtbags who want everything for nothing and those people are lucky if they get a "no thanks" reply. Often they simply get ignored.

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    I also find on here that people want to pay way below eBay prices...looking for a "homerun". It irritates me when I even state that I will not sell below eBay prices and they shoot me an offer well below eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdawg View Post
    problem is ebay is an AUCTION...for the most part....and why would someone buy from you at the same price they could buy from a guy with hundreds of feedbacks knowing he is legit...not to mention on ebay they get ebay bucks as there are a few more benefits to using order to get an accurate average you must take every auction from that card ...not just the highest and lowest of the last month like it sounds like your doing...players get hot..insert jeremy cant just take his highest and lowest prices during the linsanity must also take into account the days his cards didnt sell for 99 cents also lol....alot of people dont understand that the true average can only be found throughout the lifetime...hence why people pay or want to pay less then ebay
    I pretty much agree with you too. If a card has sold for a low of $40 and a high of $60 on eBay why would I offer someone $50. They are not paying eBay fees here along with what you mentioned of getting eBay bucks. I see it as someone who wants to get a medium price without the risk of the card selling for a low price and then having to pay eBay fees on top of that. I think if you want eBay prices go to eBay. This opinion comes from someone who has NEVER bought or traded for a card to flip it. ALL of the cards I buy/trade for go into my PC. IMHO people who paid thousands of $$$'s for Jeremy Lin cards are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

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