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    I'll take the last 2 slots.
    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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    Sweet, we could potentially get this done this weekend?

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    Possibly.... Once the box is paid for I will order today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KD35Russ0 View Post
    Sweet, we could potentially get this done this weekend?
    Box is being ordered now as soon as I am done.

    Quote Originally Posted by 44 Magnum View Post
    I'll take the last 2 slots.
    Trade is sent just waiting for you to confirm and send payment.

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    Box and supplies have been ordered. Hope to have it by Saturday if not then Monday. I will have the randomization video up by around 5 pm pt time today so you can start trading slots or selling them to other members.

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    Awesome - glad to see that we were able to fill this up quick!!

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    looking forward to this break just ordered myself a box also

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    OK guys

    Sorry for the delay in the wait. Here is the video of the randomization for this break!

    You will need to pm me to confirm any trades of slots or selling of slots.

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    Sweet. Thanks
    Looking for 05-06 UD Series 1 and 2 Rookies.05-06 UD Series1-201-06-12-15-30-Series2-443
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    Sorry for the blurry video. I thought it looked better before posting it to youtube. Here is the exact list from the video below.

    1. KD35Russ0
    2. rockchalk
    3. mikepro44
    4. andreasmjohnson
    5. SirVolan
    6. KD35Russ0
    7. Fortefan
    8. Fortefan
    9. mikepro44
    10. rockchalk
    11. andreasmjohnson
    12. Fortefan
    13. 44 Magnum
    14. KD35Russ0
    15. rockchalk
    16. rockchalk
    17. andreasmjohnson
    18. SirVolan
    19. andreasmjohnson
    20. SirVolan
    21. 44 Magnum
    22. SirVolan
    23. KD35Russ0
    24. Fortefan
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