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    Every few years or so I purge my traders and start from scratch. Before you know it you have 3 full boxes of traders and not the time to keep up with them. Well, I purged my traders over the summer and have started to start from scratch again. Don't have a ton at the moment but I'd prefer to keep it on top of it this time around and move traders fairly quickly. Paypal is always a friend and I find I buy more PC cards than I trade for.

    With that said, here's some newer traders up on the block. Only trading for my WANTS. Otherwise, cards are available FS, as well.

    For some reason I can't seem to get scans to show, so here's some links...

    Also putting up a small Chara PC FT or FS....

    My wants can be found here.....

    Thanks for the look!
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    PM sent
    Looking for Washington Caps. Wantlist/Tradelist @ Hidden Content

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