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Thread: Best Product Of 2012?

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    Best Product Of 2012?

    Hey guys, I really felt like talking hockey so I thought I would make this thread. If you like you can post you opinion on your fav product of the year! Mine would have to be titanium. I know it is not the best product but I love the variation of cards you can get! If anyone wants to trade just lmk!

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    All depends on who you are and what you collect? For me so far it was Forever Rivals, except for half of it :D

    Affordable stuff.......... O-Pee-Chee, every pack was an adventure

    Panini Elite was very nice looking

    Ummmmmmm yah that's all I got
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    I'm going to say Score. Every box I had I got value and fun out of. There are some extremely nice hits, I managed to pull a Brodeur auto and an auto of Gaunce, and the short print rookies 1 per box sell well. Generally speaking, it's a very fun to bust product with some insanely rare hits (Score Blacks, photo variation base, etc.) and for a low end product was very, very solid. $30 a box = worth every second.

    I also liked Contenders, especially at the price now, with the booklets and dual autos!

    As far as a product that was consistent, Titanium is up there, and UD did a really good job with Artifacts.

    The most underrated product has to be Certified and Rookie Anthology. The boxes were good, and had some nasty hits.

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    thanks for your opinion, pretty solid one!

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    I like Dominion the best, nice design, good hits, but PRICEY
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    I agree with flopfish about the 11-12 Score boxes. I only bought two boxes but in my first box I pulled a Landeskog Hot Rookie Auto! This was before I was on this site, so I put it on ebay and I think I remember it selling for $50? Almost double the price of the box! Second box I pulled a Paajarvi base auto and got $10 for it. Very fun break and very good value.
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    I just got back into the hobby in the past three months and have broken about a half a dozen boxes of various product in that time. I'd have to say my favorite break was a close tie between Titanium because you know your getting something in every pack so I was excited for every pack and SPx. SPx for me was a super fun break because you know your getting at least two rookie cards and at least one is going to be an auto. I also broke a box of Rookie Anthology, Upper Deck Series 1 and Score.
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    I have to agree with Prime. I think the prime colors cards (for a memorabilia card) are as nice as they come.

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