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Thread: BPensyl125's Success Thread

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    BPensyl125's Success Thread

    I've posted threads in the past (Eagles Training Camp and a few others pertaining to Spring Training) and I have finally decided to create my own thread where I will post my IP successes.

    I went to an Arizona Fall League game today and saw the Peoria Javelinas vs. the Salt River Rafters. I think I had a great day and would recommend attending one of these games if you can. Attendance was only 428 and even when I went to a game last year with Harper and Trout on the same team there was not much more than that.

    I got the below on the AZ Fall League Fan Guide (all Salt River players)

    Matt Williams - Current 3B coach for AZ and Salt River's Manager (As a Giants fan I am kicking myself for not bringing my Giants mini helmet)
    Isaiah Froneberger - Pitcher for the Rockies
    Salvador Sanchez - Pitcher for the White Sox
    Jason Martinson - INF for the Nationals
    Kent Matthes - OF for the Rockies
    Andre Rienzo - Pitcher for the White Sox
    Ryan Perry - Pitcher for the Nationals
    1 other signature whose name I cannot make out but know it is a Nats player

    I got the below guys on their respective MLB team 8x10 (all Peoria teams)

    Jeudy Valdez - INF for the Padres
    Cory Spangenberg - INF for the Padres (#7 Prospect for the Padres)
    Josh Byrnes - GM for the Padres was in the stands (along with many others)
    Cody Asche - INF for the Phillies (#18 Prospect for the Phillies)
    Kyle Simon - Pitcher for the Phillies
    Nate Roberts - OF for the Twins
    Logan Bawcom - Pitcher for the Mariners
    James Paxton - Pitcher for the Mariners (1/3 of the Mariners 3 headed Monster of Pitching in the Minors and have gotten all 3)
    Vincent Catricala - INF for the Mariners (#8 Prospect for the Mariners and their 2011 Minor League POY)
    Lance Painter - Pitching Coach for Peoria

    Now for the big ones:

    Billy Hamilton - 8x10 picture of him during the Futures Game
    Mike Zunino - 8x10 picture of him during his introductory Press Conference (2012 Golden Spikes Award Winner and someone who I think will make a BIG impact next year)

    Overall a great day and was able to get the guys I really wanted. There were numerous big name faces in the crowd including Padres GM Josh Byrnes, Manager Bud Black, Catcher Yasmani Grandal, Omar Minaya, AJ Hinch, Trevor Hoffman, and Brad Ausmus. Also heard that Ryne Sandberg was in the crowd yesterday.

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    Here are pics. of the Hamilton and Zunino. I do not know how to make them larger. If anyone knows I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

    bh.jpg mz2.jpg
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    Nice Hamilton and Zunnio. Is that Asche and Simon up for trade?

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    Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas via a signing at Denver Autogrpahs

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    Do you plan on doing 50/50 for the Padres and Mariners during spring training?

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    Went to Mariners camp today and had a solid day.

    Mariners logo 8x10 #1

    Danny Hultzen
    John Hicks
    Taijuan Walker
    Joe Saunders
    Eric Thames
    Hector Noesi

    Mariners logo 8x10 #2

    Dustin Ackley
    Justin Smoak
    Jon Garland
    Kameron Loe
    Alex Liddi
    DJ Mitchell
    Andrew Carraway

    James Paxton - 8x10
    Mike Zunino - Mini Mariners Bat

    China's WBC team was also working out at the facility. I was not aware of that or I would have brought something for them to sign. As I was waiting I saw some of their players walking to the facility (I didn't know at the time they were there) and could have got some of them too. Former A's and Mets Manager Art Howe is one of their coaches. Will be hitting up the Padres on Sunday and back to Seattle on Monday.

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    Hit up the Padres practice today and had a great day. I was able to get some guys who I didn't get last year.

    Padres logo 8x10 #1

    Huston Street
    Andrew Cashner (I went for him over Trevor Hoffman because Hoffman signs all the time)
    Jesus Guzman
    Edinson Volquez
    Clayton Richard
    Jaff Decker
    Edinson Rincon
    Freddy Garcia

    Chase Headley - 5x7

    Some guys signed out in the parking lot which is where I got Headley and Guzman but I held off on getting others because I am going back tomorrow to try and get my #1 goal Cameron Maybin. I know what car he drives so I can be on the lookout. One of the Padres coaches (Phil Plantier) threw two practice used balls over the fence and I was able to get one so I am happy about that. Last night I was at the Coyotes-Blue Jackets game and saw Rangers Pitcher Derek Holland and I was the only who recognized him so he smiled and shot me a waive. Even if I had a pen I didn't think it would be an appropriate situation to ask for an autograph.

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    Hey I see you do the mariners and such. I have been doing them for the past couple of days must say It is probably the easiest graphing I have done. Though Montero is a jerk turned down a kid 1 on 1.
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    Collecting Michael Pineda, Kyle Seager and Carlos Delgado

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    I hit them up last Wednesday and will be tomorrow. I live right down the street so it's really easy for me to get there. The Mariners are a great team to graph and the setup is perfect for graphing. On the flip side though the Padres is tough in the facility but you can totally rake them in outside the parking lot. Montero's a tough graph now. I was able to get him last year but he's been playing the "gotta get to a meeting" excuse. I heard Shoppach called him out on it too.

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