Im selling everything on my site in one lot. My intrests have taken me another direction (at least for the time being). I will not break this lot up. The only thing on my site that is not going is my sports memorabilia. Ill even let the Soriano 8X10 auto go. I know some collectors are going to get a nice little tax return and might be looking for an investment. My collections BV is well over 6000. Im looking to get around $1900 shipped with DC and Insurance. Im sure shipping will be between $100-$200. So your only really paying $1700 for over BV 6000 in cards. I really believe if you wanted to break the cards down and sale them individually you could easily make $500+ off this lot. I just dont have the time to do it. If you look at my site your not getting a bunch of BV 2-3 inserts, your getting tons of quality GU and Autos. I have somethings that are not listed on my site. I have some newer sets I started. Great starter lots for you or you to easily sale. I have factory sealed compete sets not listed also. I have around 3 5000 count boxes full of commons and sets. I know there are some nice rookies mixed in that I dont have the time to sift through them and pull out. You will also recieve all of my extra toploaders, binders, team bags, thick cases, padded envalopes, and penny sleeves. If you want I can even include old Becketts and price guides. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. My email is The link to my site is