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    Mini Jerseys ? Looking for feedback on 'em

    A box of the UD Mini Jerseys is in route to me as we speak, I really dont know much about them but I I found them to be interesting...just the whole idea of one per pack. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten any or knows much about them. Thanks !

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    I got a box, got 18 different jerseys. Not sure if any of them were shortprints or road uniforms, but I thought they made up a cool set.


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    Just curious, which players did you get? I was told that the dark colored jsy's are considered the road jsy's and that they are the SP's.

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    i got 1 pack mine had a 18 i think it is moss but it came in a plastic wrapper and i never opened it. by the way it is a white jersey

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    That Moss must be a road jersey. The one I got of Moss was black.


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    i bought a pack the otha day just to see wat they were like i got a farve away jersey so not bad. luv to see one that has an auto on it though

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    Thanks for the replies. What did you do with the Favre ? I saw one another Favre on Ebay and that is why I decided to get the Mini JSY box. I was hoping to pull that very same one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdangelo
    That Moss must be a road jersey. The one I got of Moss was black.

    from what i seen on becket the road jersey's are the commons and the home are the sp's

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    I'm trying to complete the set. This is what I still need.

    Brian Urlacher, Tedy Bruschi, Drew Bledsoe, Terrell Owens, Julius Jones

    I also need all the rare jerseys except Terrell Owens, Harrison, and Tomlinson.

    I also need all the Auto'd jerseys as well.

    my doubles are as follow:

    Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, and Byron Leftwich I have more I just need to update. I also have baseball mini jerseys.

    Here is the checklist for the UD Mini jersey Football.

    Bold is Pending


    Oh and buy the way all my jerseys are sealed.

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