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Thread: anybody have

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    anybody have

    does anybody have a muti colored patch from a current starting qb also need 1 topps rc from each starting qb ( if there is no topps rc for a play i will take a substitution) plmk thanks

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    Didn't see anything but would sell for $5 dlvd.

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    are you buying? i have a bunch of topps rookies of current starting qb's

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    I have these topps rc qb's

    '05 adrian mcpherson
    '05 kyle orton
    '05 andrew walter
    '05 david greene
    '05 stefan lefors
    '05 brock berlin

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    sorry guys cant buy and pats fan dont need any of those thanks anyway looking for the gus alot more anyway rcs were a back up in case the gus didnt work

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    stevenj whats bv on that i may have somthing not listed on my site for it plmk thanks

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    I have these
    2001 Topps Michael Vick RC
    2001 Topps Drew Brees RC
    2003 Topps Rex Grossman RC
    2003 Topps Chris Sims RC
    2004 Topps Matt Schaub

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    and i also have is if you are interested
    2004 Topps Chrome Steven Jackson Premiere Prospects

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