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Thread: Who Is Going To The Expo?

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    I'll be there. You can find me at booth 600-601 right across from Upper Deck.

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    Make sure you all come to In The GameLand for a chance to win a Darryl Sittler game-used jersey.

    Brian Price

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    If anybody sees a Mint Guy Lapointe OPC Rookie Card, I will Trade for it, with an added finder's fee for you, plus a bonus.

    A Mint Guy Lapointe OPC Rookie is harder to find than a Honus Wagner. If anybody has one already, let me know.


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    I'm expecting to be there on Saturday.
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    Enter the 1st leg of the UD RAK 'Em Up! contest!
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    my plan is to be there on Saturday, but this is up in the air at this point.
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    coming up from Pittsburgh on Saturday and Sunday...gotta get some HOF'ers on my photo!!

    just a short 4.5 hr drive!

    Looking for hard signed Ryan Miller and some odds and ends for random sets im doing

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    Since I'm not going, can someone check for 1/1s of Peckham and ullstrom? Of found, contact me ASAP and we will work out a way to pick them up. I will shoot PayPal plus finders fees for items to you.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    I'll be there all 3 days setup in booths 115-117 with Steven and Frank. Stop by and say hi!! About a 4 hour drive for Frank and I heading up from Windsor.

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    i coming from Finland.I am now in Boston area,here is another cardshow.
    I and my friend start roadtrip in last wednesday when we land in JFK New York.Yesterday go to AHL Game monarcs/wilkesbarre today to show and another AHL game.Sunday one game more and then slow driving to Buffalo/Toronto..I will be there all 3 days in Kiekkokortti booth/Ville.
    And sorry my not so good English.


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