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Thread: Ebay feedback question

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    Ebay feedback question

    I won a card yesterday and sent payment via PayPal immediately after the acution ended. I got an email from the seller telling me that he was sending the card out tomorrow, and would leave + feedback for me AFTER I leave + feedback for him.

    My question is, why wait? I have run into this many times as a buyer where the seller doesn't leave feedback until AFTER I have. The way I look at it, he's leaving feedback for me as a buyer. I paid immediately, so why not leave feedback right away?

    It just makes me wonder why he is waiting (and why other wait as well).

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    Sellers usually do this so that if they recieve negative fb then they can do the same back. it is also a way to let the seller know that you have recieved the good as well. my 2 cents

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    thats probably why. Just because you pay, doesn't mean the sale is over. As a seller, I don't hold feedback hostage from my buyers. Although, since I sell so much, I only leave feedback every couple weeks in bulk. It's just easier and more practical for me. I also don't worry about if that person has left it for me before I leave. If the transaction goes well, I leave feedback. Actually, if it doesn't go well I leave feedback too. I don't like the sellers that are scared to leave a negative to someone that deserves it just because they don't want to get hit with one in return.


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    If I'm the buyer I leave feedback as soon as I receive the product and the seller has already left feedback. If they don't leave feedback I don't. If I'm the seller I leave feedback as soon as I receive payment.

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    Most of the time I leave feedback when the transaction is over. I do not require that feedback be left for me first, I just require that both myself and the other person have received our sides of the transaction.


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