hi people..ok i have about 130 base cards and inserts..but they are not from 99 cent pcks..they are from high end boxes..05 absolute,04 + 05 prime cuts
05 legendary cuts, ect ect..some examples are 4 babe ruths + 1 low numbered ruth..6 mantles..a cobb ..clemens, tejada, pettit,ripken,arod,i mean it's a nice list a lot os sp soem numbrd to 5,some 50, 25,99, i saved them beacuse i thought it would be a nice addition well i really don't want to..plus there is about 20 rookies from 03 contemperary,04+05 bowmans best for anyone that collects base and inserts and non auto rookies this is perfect..all are in a binder..mint..there is about $150 to $175 worth of cards..any resonable offer won't be denied..must be paypal..you won't be sorry..i will ship first..lmk.. :new_multi