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    Posting my site early today.....

    I'll be asleep most of the day, so I wanna see how many replies I can get before I get up. lol. I know, it sounds corny, but I'm bored and wanna try to do some trading. Links to site and photobucket are in sig.

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    YA know, for some reason, it doesn't suprise me that nobody wants anything of mine. Might as well bump it back to the 1st page, just for kicks and giggles.

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    The only thing I saw is in your pc. So that is why I didn't respond earlier.

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    No problem. I've decided to hang on to my Troy's for now.

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    whats bv on the dan morgan auto jersey? thansk

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    BV is $20 on it. It's pending right now until after next weekend.

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    i like the Fitz and williams Dual Jrsy card as well as the 2 reggie william Futrure Nfl legends cards LMK

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    ainc-BV on Kelly is $25

    Dillywill-The Fitz/Williams is traded, and I only have 1 Reggie Jsy left.

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