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    CHLPA faces complex NCAA eligibility issues

    “I’m not crazy; you’re the one who’s crazy. You’re driving me crazy.”
    - “Institutionalized,” by Suicidal Tendencies

    There may not be anything more labyrinthine than NCAA regulations, but several newsworthy items of late make it important to delve into what makes a player eligible for the college hockey experience. And oh yes, there are caveats.

    The most recent salvo launched by the CHLPA, a group attempting to unionize major junior players in the Canadian Hockey League’s three circuits, involves the proposal that the group would seek to make major junior players eligible for NCAA play.

    What kills that eligibility? Depends on whom you ask.

    “The biggest issue is that you have signed NHL players on major junior teams,” said Nate Ewell, a spokesman for College Hockey Inc.
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    If the NCAA really wants to improve the talent level in their league (and by all accounts, they do) this is something they should have changed years ago.

    The CHL poaches players from the NCAA all the time. Especially 'elite' talent. Guys who were taken in the first round.... who have played a year of NCAA or declared for NCAA.... they suddenly see a 3 year contract in their very near future, and now want to play in the league they feel best prepares them for the pros.

    The NCAA would be able to feast on 19 and 20 year olds who are lower on their CHL team's depth chart.... guy who were mid-round picks (or undrafted?) and would have a great oppertunity to pluck some very talented players back from major junior.

    On top of all that, the NCAA recognizing the CHL as an amateur league would be the absolute best thing for the players. There are always players who hang back as 16 and 17 year olds.... don't want to play major junior.... as to keep their NCAA eligability. If playing CHL didn't disqualify you from NCAA, kids could safely play in the Canadian league and see where they stack up against the best players (at their age group) without throwing away a chance at a scholarship.
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