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    I sent a lot to you a while back. I will send another as I have far too many Texans cards. I appoligize but a lot was sent. I'll get ya another lot out over the weekend. I'll make sure you get something as to take care of my end


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    Sorry everyone between work(change of schedule) and family activities, I've been side tracked and haven't been able to get lots together for November. I would like to bow out of the group. I also did Not recv anything from Big Coop70 last month but will not neg as it's just base and I'mnot really too worried about it.Dawson16 i apologize for my procrastination on getting your lot out for October it will be out Friday and that will then leave me in good standing with all i have received packages from. Thanks for having me.

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    The December thread is up at this link:
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