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    Best Place to Frame/Matte Cards/Cut Autos In Edmonton! Help Please!

    So some of you have already seen this, and its finally in hand and I dont want to wait another second to get this thing matted and framed.

    Its this card (which is absolutely beautiful, all sharp corners, etc.)

    With this auto

    Whats my best option in Edmonton?


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    Wow. I think it will look killer once its done. Congrats on the pickups.

    No ideas on a framer in EDM. There's always a DIY with Micheals I suppose.

    Please show off the finished product though. Cheers,

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    Thanks man :) appreciate the kind words, and yeah I have Michaels just down the street but I know they like to charge a pretty penny. Hoping I kind find an alternative but on the other end, they would make it look spectacular. Was so excited to be able to pick this up for a nice price, and the finished product will be showed and telled and probably put in my sig for life lol

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