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    Auto Tradelist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is my list of Autos and Nice GU's for trade:

    If you are interested in anything please leave me your tradelist

    04-05 Ultra Vince Carter Auto BV 60 (INC, will come in around
    Feb. 28)
    04-05 Sweet Sigs Jermaine O'Neal Auto BV 40 (INC, will come in around
    Feb. 28)
    03-04 Sp Signature Edition Luke Walton Rookie INKorporated RC Auto BV 30
    04-05 UD Pro Sigs Lamar Odom Pro Signs BV 25
    04-05 Bowman SOTF Devin Harris BV 25
    04-05 Topps Chrome Chromographs Josh smith BV 50
    04-05 UD Trilogy AutoFocus Josh Smith BV 40
    04-05 UD SP Game used Shawn Marion Authentic Fabric Auto BV 25
    04-05 UD Black Diamond Josh Smith Gemography BV 25
    2005 Sage Hit Sean May Auto BV 20 (INC, will come in around
    Feb. 28)


    04-05 E-XL Court Authentics Elton Brand 3 clr Patch/Jersey Dual BV=30 #ed to 35!!!

    GU Cards

    Topps Ten Shaq Relic Parallell BV 30
    Skybox LE Chris Bosh Rare Form Gold Proof Jersey /10 BV=N/A!!!
    00-01 SP Gmae Floor Authentic Floor Combos Kobe Bryant/Kenyon Martin BV=40!!!

    Graded GU-

    Kobe Bryant Player's club gold jersey card BV 80
    Graded 10 by Gem Grading!!!
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    I like this:

    03-04 UD Triple Dimensions Reggie Miller Auto

    And I was wondering if any of those McGrady or Carter autos book near 60...

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    Unless if you have some autos that are not listed I don't see anything on your list, sorry :(

    Thx for the reply tho!

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    Check my list for the Maggete and Marion please.

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    2005 Sage Hit Sean May Auto

    I sorta like that, can you give me a BV? I can't give up the Marion but i can add a GU or 2 two the Maggette depending on BV

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    Hmm. Ill take a look for the bv. Ill tell ya in a minute.

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