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Thread: looking to trade

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    looking to trade

    2001 private stock ricky williams 3 color patch sn /125 bv 40
    2005 donruss zenith jimmy smith 4 color patch sn/100 bv ?
    2005 topps pristine troy williamson uncirculated jersey sn/ ?

    if anyone can help with prices it would help dont have a beckett. looking to trade as a lot. but i may also trade seperatly. looking for mike clayton, steven jackson, and nascar rookies autos and jerseys

  2. Kronozio
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    the smith BV is $12
    the williamson your gonna have to tell me if its uncommon, common, and stuff like that.

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    i like this do you have a scan?
    2005 donruss zenith jimmy smith 4 color patch sn/100
    my tradelist is here:
    pretty sure i got a few new things. lmk thanks necron

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    I like the Smith and Williamson. Check my list.

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    necron like the Darius Watts spx auto/jsy /1499 bv20
    viking fan sorry didnt see anything that i could use but thanks for the intrest

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    any chance i could get a scan the smith? please lmk thanks necron

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    any idea where the patch is from on the jersey? Is it like off a number or sleeve or logo? just kinda hoping for an idea what the patch looks like. would you do it for the watts spx? lmk thanks necron

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