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Thread: Grab Bags for CC

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    Grab Bags for CC

    Hello everyone. I have over 100 grab bags left over from a card show. I'm not a dealer, just a dude with a ton of cards.

    Each bag has at least 50 cards. Some bags may have 54 or 55 cards in them. I had the bags all made up & found some more cards & just threw them in with the rest because I was out of bags. You will find the bags could have any mix of commons, minor stars, semi stars, unlisted stars, stickers, inserts, parrallels, odd balls, checklists, rookies, vintage, & Hall of Famers ! There are alot of inserts in these bags. I went thru a whole box of nothing but inserts when I was making these bags. Approximately 85% - 90 % of the cards in the bags are baseball but there are a few football, basketball, & hockey mixed in.

    Most cards are Mint, but some of the older ones may have some corner or edge wear.

    Here's the hook, I will guarantee that you will receive at least 2 Hall of Famers & least 2 Superstars in each bag !

    The HOF'ers could be original issues, inserts, or reprints.

    The guarantee applys to only baseball. You may get a Wayne Gretsky card for example, but also get a 1983 Topps Robin Yount & a 2000 Babe Ruth insert. Every bag is different !

    The superstars are players like Bonds, Sosa, Ripken, McGwire, Griffey, ect, basically future Hall of Famers.

    The grab bags will be 100 Card Cash delivered for a single bag with each additional bag purchased being 75 Card cash .

    As an added incentive, for every 5 bags purchased by the same person, I will throw in an autographed or game used card of my choice for free.

    You can send me a pm or email me directly at for questions or ordering information.

    Thanks for looking & I hope to hear from some of you.


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    hey rick, off subject I will be at arena saturday evening about 7:30pm after I get off work, if you want you can call me at work to make sure I am on schedule to get there, provided I don't get caught selling a car towards the end, but I will be there before Jack closes at 9 pm, hope to see you there if you can make it...

    Ok back to the grab bags

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    ok maybe I see maybe I don't but I will try really hard to get there.

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    Rick...what is the most expensive card on average for each bag?

    I am very interested.

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    Well, since each bag is different it will vary. I mean you're not gonna get a bunch of $10 cards, but there are the 2 HOF'er cards & 2 Superstar cards in each bag. And what does a Griffey & McGwire for example book for ?

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    Originally posted by Rick Polus
    If you make it fine, if not, no biggie. We can hook up some other time.
    I decided not to go in today so I will be there around 7pm...

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    DTrain, were you still interested ? I'm sure that you'll be happy with the 50 cards you get. If not, you can send them back & I'll refund your CC. LMK

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