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    NEED: Al Jefferson/Delonte West Autos/Rookies

    Will buy (PAYPAL) any Delonte West/Al Jefferson Rookies and Autos....Let me know what you have...Thanks!

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    I have a 04/05 Finest Delonte West RC Autograph Uncirculated Blue X-Fractor /25 worth $120.00. LMK if you are interested in it and how much you would be willing to give for it if you are interested.

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    I have a ton of rookies & rookie autos of those guys.
    I collect them as well so I'd be looking for 1/4 book value on them.
    Does that sound do-able?
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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