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Thread: 92 Dream Team Set

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    92 Dream Team Set

    I have a 92 Dream Team Card set made by Skybox. This set is in a case and has never been opened. What is the bookvalue. looks to be like 125 cards?

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    111 cards if you also have the Plastic Team Card. The BV for the 111 card set is $52.30

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    jammingjames23 do you know what the book value on the 1992 olympicards complete basketball team set is including the team card?

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    magicdonjuan - Is that the Snickers set?

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    no jammingjames23, it is the U.S. Olympicards. They were made by impel

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    Oh, OK! Beckett has it called "Impel Olympic Hopefuls" in their list. It's $12.05 for the basketball portion, including team card and women players.

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