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Thread: What's it worth?

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    What's it worth?

    In your opinion, what do you think an Antwan Jamison autograph /75 from 2000 SAGE basketball will sell for on eBay? I have two of them. Just curious.


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    if that auto can be verified, someone's going to bid for it.

    as for how much, not a clue.

    perhaps you should wait for next year, when the Warriors should improve their play and make the play-offs. That should give Antawn more exposure.

    They did rather well this year; it's unfortunate they play in the West.

    Let's see if Warriors keep their stars.

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    Not sure how hot 'Twan is in the world of sportscards right now, but items like this usually can get anywhere from 10 - 25 dollars.

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    That card books at $30 in mint condition. I doubt you'd get more than $10 for it. I'd listen to my fellow Californian(podstock) and hold off on the sale until the Warriors blow up. They may be one year away!!! Just my opinion.

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    lefty, lol, thanks.

    I've seen the Warriors play several times (vs. the Lakers).

    They have got a good core of very young players. If they keep them together (Antawn, Arenas, etc) and add more bench strength, they'll compete for a play-off spot soon.

    We'll see whether or not Warriors become the Clippers, where good young prospects go to die.

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