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Thread: Is this really a 1/1?

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    that is not a real card.
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    Ive seen the Superbowl cards before, actually been looking for a couple Ray Lewis ones. They might be one of ones, but not like the pack pulled ones were used to. Ive seen 1/1's stamped from the "National" card shows that are held every year. So I think those are similar to the Superbowl stamped ines. But unless its stamped 1/1 or 1 of 1, I wouldnt consider it a ture 1/1.

    This is just my opinion b/c, honestly, I have NO


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    raylew hit the nail right on the head - technically, there may not be another one like it out there, but that doesnt mean its worth much more than a regular card

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    Wait so they just stamped something on the card? Did the ebay seller do that or some outside party? I know some "1/1"'s are just cards cut with special scissors, haha.

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    no it was propbably stamped at a card booth at a trading show such as the national etc - just like millions of others

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