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Thread: Collecting Trent Richardson

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    Collecting Trent Richardson

    Since the NHL has been in a lockout I've decided I'm going to collect some football cards. I decided to collect Trent Richardson as my main pc. So far I only have his certified freshmen fabrics auto /299 and his topps rookie along with a few cards from the national incoming. Right now I'm without power due to hurricane sandy so I'll be replying from my phone. I'll put a bucket together once I get power back. I have some football and a lot of hockey cards to trade. Nothing too high end in football yet. Please let me know if you have any Trent Richardson available. I intern at my local lcs so if you want me to look around for your pc player just let me know.

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    I have some RC's of Trent, I am looking for doug martins. lmk I can get ya a list.

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