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Thread: Looking for Peyton Manning

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    Looking for Peyton Manning

    Hello all. I am looking for Peyton Manning GU, Autos, RC's, Low #ed cards, or nice inserts. I have plenty to trade. Lots of Colts RC's and tons of other stuff on my trade list. LMK what you have and what you like. Thanks


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    hey, i was just wondering if u got the d.c# i sent u today and if u had one for me? plmk

    EDIT: welcome to the site lol

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    skins..Yes I did get the DC # you sent me. I do have one for you as well but I forgot my wallet in the car so I will email you the # tomorrow


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    no prob, i was just making sure u got yours. i've traded w/u before so i'm not worried :-)

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