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Thread: Chrome for trade inside!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Chrome for trade inside!!!!!!!

    Love this stuff!

    Andrew Luck Relic:

    Black #/299 - Julio Jones, Ray Rice

    Purple #/499 - Dwayne Bowe

    Camo #/499 - Dwight Bentley

    Red Zone Rookies - D Allen, M Floyd, AJ Jenkins, D Posey

    Tallboy - M Floyd, AJ Jenkins, L Miller, Ryan Tannehill

    57 Retro - Blackmon, D Martin, Tannehill

    84 Retro - J Adams, D Allen, Blackmon, R Broyles, Isaiah Pead x2, Brian Quick, Brandon Weeden, David Wilson

    Retro Rookies - Bob Griese, Tarkenton

    Orange Refractor RC's - D Allen, Corp, Jeffery, Jenkins, Mercilus

    Orange Refractor Vets - Austin, Dalton, AJ Green, F Jackson, D Murray, M Ryan, T Smith, Suh, M Turner, Vick, Willis

    XFractor RC's - Curry, Dennard, R Matthews, Ballard, Bequette, Z Brown,J Jenkins, D Wylie

    XFractor Vets - D Brees, V Cruz, , Cutler, Freeney, A Gates, Desean Jackson, P Manning, Orakpo, Mike Williams, R Wayne

    Refractor Vets - R Bush, P Manning, Pierre-Paul, B Wells, D Sproles, M Williams

    Refractor RC's - Brockers, Ganaway, Herron, S HillC Jones, Posey, C Upshaw, R Randle, D Wolfe, Wylie

    RC's - Adams, Allen, Barron x2, Benjamin, Bentley x2, Bequette, Brockers, Z Brown, Childs, Corp, Cousins, Cox, Crick, Criner, Curry, L David, DeCastro, Dennard, Fleener, Givens, Graham, Herron, Hightower, Hill, Hillman, Jeffery, Jenkins, C Johnson, C Jones, Kalil x2, Kendricks, Kirkpatrick, Lindley, K Martin, M Martin, R Matthews, McNutt x2, Mercilus, L Miller, K Moore, Osweiller, Pead, Poe, Posey x2, Quick, Randle, Reiff, Reyes, Richardson, Sanu x2, H Smith, B Taylor x2, Turbin, Upshaw x2, White, D Wilson, Worthy, J Wright, K Wright, Wylie x2, Zeitler

    Looking for these!!!
    RG3 - need Certified, Elite, Gridiron and Chrome parallels (Orange)
    Luck - need Certified, Finest, Gridiron, Strata Retail
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    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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    Well besides the luck jersey i like the kaepernick certified gu auto....what else do you see

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    The Jenks was the only thing I need at this time. As for the Kaep, I'm gonna hold on to it for now.
    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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