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Thread: Please Help Me Need Advice

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    Please Help Me Need Advice

    I need some help on if i should do this deal its hard to decide but the deal is :

    I TRADE:
    04-05 Fresh Ink Teammate Tandems Dual Patch Richard Jefferson (1clr)/ Jason Kidd (5Clr) #'d 4/49 BV $40

    05 Absolute Tools Of the Trade Dual 3 CLR Patch / Helmet Brian Urlacher #'d 4/25 BV $30

    I GET:

    04-05 Black Diamond Gemography Josh Smith Auto BV $25

    03-04 Fleer Patchworks Auto Jersey Vince Carter #'d 85/100 BV $50

    Now its hard cuz some people say to do it cuz u get the vince auto but other say i would prefer haveing hte kidd and urlacher cuz the kidd is a unique 5 clrs and the rare urlacher so i would like opinion or suggestions please THANK YOU

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    The Vince auto will probably be worth more down the road. But me personally, i still want that Kidd card lol.

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    your end of the deal is better, football? c'mon collect the real cards lol

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    autos always beat game used/patches......aslong as they are good players. Plus..... Kidd is probably one of the lowest selling superstars no matter how good the patch is, unless u collect him, it doesnt hold great value

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    hey this should be in the other basketball forum,
    but i would say do that trade u get 2 good autos for ok patches, do it

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    well in a sense it could go either way because you both have fleer products now we all know fleer went bankrupt so really its a toss up that trade is good for either of you 2 but like OZFLAVA said Autos Do hold More Value than Game Used Any Day Regardless if its a Patch Or not but the fact that a Fleer Product is in both Trades that trade would be Even in My Eyes so Your Choice Good Luck...!

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