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Thread: Need a little help please

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    Need a little help please

    Have a card & I don't have a BB beckett.
    93 UD SP Derek Jeter Rookie.Can someone
    tell me what it is worth.Thanks alot.

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    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of a trade for this card & would
    really like to know BV for this card.Will someone help here.
    Thanks alot.

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    I'm trading hockey(leafs stuff) for this card.I need to know BV so we can make this an even trade.Thanks.Do you have a BV for it?

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    No, I want it but have no idea what it's worth.I wouldn't imagine
    too much though.Thanks

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    Wow, that much eh.Great.Thanks a bunch bud.I
    appreciate the help.I don't collect baseball so I
    really have no need for a beckett.Now I have 2 baseball
    cards.The other being a Griffey rookie.Thanks alot.

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    no, its not worth that much- when last i checked, the base upper deck jeter rc is 15. his sp is the one that books 60-80
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