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    My autographs (bucket link inside)

    Here are some autographs I have collected over the years.Here is the link.

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    Pretty cool UFC autos. Im a pretty big fan myself of MMA. Thought about sending to some gyms on a few occassions but just havent done it yet.

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    Thanks J_A_S_Z. Out of all my MMA autographs, I got about 25-30 of them in person and the rest I messaged the fighters on FaceBook and asked them if I could send them an SASE for an autograph picture.They always say yes.

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    Sweet collection there! I'm a huge MMA buff as well. I've met athletes from all 4 major sports and none are more cooler and down to earth than MMA fighters. They're very appreciative of their fans and Dana White takes a fan-friendly approach for the sport's biggest organization. Kudos and thanks for showing your collection off.
    NOT doing 50/50s nor consignments!

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    Your welcome tboculosis.I'm glad you liked my collection.I trying to collect as many MMA fighter autographs as possible.And I agree with you,MMA fighters are great guys,down to earth and very approachable.I feel honored every time I meet a fighter

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    Thanks Jimboslice.I've been collecting now for about 4 years.

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    I don't dabble in the 8x10's too much but man you have an awesome collection!!!

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    Thanks Chris.I also have very large event posters from SF Fedor vs. Henderson

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