Hey all,

In 2013, I'm doing this thing called "3 in 13" where I am doing 3 sports/graphing trips in 2013. I am (in chronilogical order) going to:
1. Minnesota Gophers at Iowa Hawkeyes bball game on February 17th.
2. NCAA Lacrosse final 4 in Philly in May
3. Florida Gators at Missouri Tigers Football game in October

Anyways I have never been to any of these three stadiums, so my questions are:

Carver-Hawkeye Arena-
1. What section are the tunnels by?
2. If I wanna sit behind the visiting teams bench what section(s) are they in front of?
3. What are the best overall seats/sections in that arena?
4. What are the odds the game will be fairly empty?
5. How are the fans to fans of the opposing team?

Lincoln Financial Field-
1. What sections are the tunnels by?
2. How is the LL seating?
3. How different may the stadium set up be for lacrosse, than FB?
4. How is the food?

Fauret Field-
1. How is the overall seating?
2. Is there an upper level? (can't tell from the photos, I've seen)
3. How much do tickets range from?
4. Where is the visiting team's tunnel?
5. How are the fans to the opposing teams fans?

Any/All help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance (I'll thank again, too, probably)!!!