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    hypothetical box selling question

    Lets say you buy a case that has 12 boxes. You pull out 4 boxes to open yourself and plan on selling the rest. Lets say there is a particular 1/1 card that is seeded 1 per case. If you pull that 1/1 from one of the boxes you opened would you feel obligated to let people considering buying your other boxes that the 1/1 from that case has been pulled? The same question works for a 1 per box type thing.

    I'm sure that a lot of boxes offered for sale are available for that very reason. Someone bought a case and opened boxes until the good card (or perhaps a few good cards) were pulled and decided to sell the other boxes because they knew that the cards that were left were not worth as much as the unopened box.

    I don't think I would ever buy a case (or even a box) without intending to open all of it but if I pulled the 1/1 out of the first box the temptation would be there to sell the others. I don't think I could do it though without telling people the card was gone.

    Certainly if they ask and you know you should tell them the truth but should you volunteer the info? If you tell them the card has already been pulled you run the risk of not making the sale but if you don't tell them are you being 100% honest? Tough call. I guess the best way to answer would be to put yourself in the buyers position. If the seller knew that the good card was pulled out of the case and didn't tell you how would you feel about it.?

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    The most honest thing to do would be is to tell the buyer that the 1/1 has been pulled from another box in the case. However not everyone in this business is completely honest. That being said that minimum thing to do is put some type of disclaimer stating to the effect that of while the manufacture says this box may contain XYZ insert card(s) and the particular box itself has not been searched the seller cannot guarantee what inserts if any that are or are not in this box.
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