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Thread: im getting into baseball

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    Arrow im getting into baseball

    I am geting into baseball i dont know whats good right now so i have like 35$ im looking for 3 preatty nice cards i like lots of the newer stuff just lmk wat u can give me for 35$ again i only want like 4 cards max, and also list bv.'s thanks

    I will be home saturday to check the list thanks


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    I have a
    2003 Playoffs Kenny lofton GU hat #d to 90
    2004 Dunruss Miguel Tejhada Jrsy
    2004 UD Willie Eyre Future Gems Jersey card

    Not sure on BV on any but if your getting into baseball i can take a few of your football off your hands if youd want to trade

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    04 diamond kings kent dual jsy $15/6
    04 flr patch works garret anderson 1clr ptch #ed100 $10/4
    04 ultra rafael palmerio turn back the clock 2clr patch #ed3/29 $40/11
    04 ex josh beckett 3clr ptch/jsy bronze #ed20/35 $50/21

    i can do these for 35 paypal dlvd
    if so paypal is

    thanks john

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    so far i liked johns so far, can ne one get an auto in here

    dilly wat are the bv.s

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    golfermatt - heres what i can do for $35 let me know

    2005 Topps Rookie Cup Darryl Strawberry Auto
    2004 Bowman's Best Joaquin Arias Auto RC
    2002 UD World Series Heroes Nolan Ryan Jersey
    2005 Zenith Dontrelle Willis 4 Color Patch #d/100

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    oh is this for $35 paypal? if so , count me out as i dont use their system thanks

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