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Thread: Hoops for sell

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    Hoops for sell

    Selling the following

    Rookie Impact Enas Kanter auto - 15
    Marieff Morris Rookie Impact auto - 15
    Then most of my prestigous picks autos excpt my beal ,waiters and walker. All others are for sell. Scans are in my bucket. Will take offers as a lot as well.

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    bump. Looking to move these auto's today. Will take best offers as well.

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    Can't seem to get on your bucket. Do you have a list of the autos with price?

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    Prestige Picks autos -Jeremy Tyler
    Jordan Williams
    Evan FOurnier
    Arnett Moultrie
    COrey Joseph
    John Jenkins
    Chandlar Parson

    Nba Hoops Rookie Impact

    Enes Kanter
    Markieef Morris
    Tyler Zeller
    Reggie Williams

    Only ones I am not selling in those scans are the John Henson and Kemba Walker auto

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    bump. Henson and Walker auto is f/s now as well

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    Did anybody ask you if we needed a spell check?

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