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    A Few cards For Sale, take a look!

    Please add 2.00 to NA and 3.00 everywhere else if your total is under 15.00. Anything over is free shipping.

    Have a lot to sell. Will add cards slowly as I have the time. Please look at the prices under the scans and not the stickers. They are not always correct.

    I did my best to list info on the cards given the time I had. If you nees and more info (numbering,larger scans etc) lmk

    Prices in USD$$

    Lupul jsy auto /10-25
    Perry auto /15-30
    Phaneuf limited logos /50- SOLD
    Crosby OPC Premier auto /50- $100
    Phaneuf ultimate rc patch auto /25-$100
    Crosby rr patch auto /100-$130
    Della Rovere black auto rc 1/1-$50
    Phaneuf stick auto /15-SOLD

    Johnston auto-$6
    Shorthouse auto-$10
    Brandon Pirri rc auto-$6
    Dana Tyrell auto jsy /100-$5
    Markov/souray auto-$10
    Roloson inked sweaters- $10
    Darryl Sutter auto-$5
    Yannik Weber auto jsu rc-$8

    Vokoun auto jsy /25-$15
    Cheever itg 1972 auto SP-$60
    Lemelin Franchises auto-$5
    St Louis patch auto/25-$20
    Doughty auto-$10
    Bieksa rc jsy auto-$10
    Dave Hanson auto /50-$20

    Stastny/stastny patch auto /35- $40
    Dionne jsy auto /9-
    Crosby sott-$90
    Crosby winning materials buyback auto-$350
    Mahovlich orig 6 auto-$SOLD
    Yzerman limited logos-$140
    Mahovlich itg 1972 auto SP-$70
    Crosby cup auto-$110

    Crosby contenders auto /10-$140
    Yzerman scripted swatches- $150
    Jack Johnson stick auto /25-$20
    Tavares Stepan auto /25-$35
    Duff orig 6 auto-$SOLD
    Lafleur FF SP-$55
    Steve Shutt patch auto-$25
    Bourdon/Bieksa auto /25-$85

    Tavares/bailey auto /25- $30
    Clark FF auto-$SOLD
    Stamkos jsy auto /91- $45
    Tavares jsy auto /91- $SOLD
    Stamkos/Brassard auto-$30
    Graves/Gilbert auto /25-$25
    Lecavalier jsy auto-$15
    Jeff carter jsy auto /25-$15

    JP parise auto-$7
    Bobby Ryan sweet shot rc auto jsy-$SOLD
    Eric Strobel auto-$10
    della rovere rc auto /10-$15
    Connolly jsy auto-$10
    cujo trilogy auto-$10
    connolly auto H&P-$10
    Bergeron/kessel auto-$8

    Bourdon/morrison auto-$10
    Don Lever auto-$25
    Santorelli patch auto-$18
    doughty/hedman auto-$15
    Anderson patch auto /15-$20
    Landeskog auto-$30
    Taylor Hall auto-$40
    Vachon BTP auto-$10

    Edler auto /15-$35
    Phaneuf auto SP-$PENDING
    Cowen rc auto-$6
    Charlie simmer auto 50/50-$15
    Brayden Schenn auto-$12
    Alfredsson auto jsy-$SOLD
    Vokoun auto-$10
    Rick Middelton auto-$10
    Foligno ice scripts-$5

    Ovechkin auto 24/24-$SOLD
    Malkin letter auto-$50
    Rypien auto-$30
    Bourdon auto Sp-$90
    Kovalchuk auto-$25
    Doughty FW auto-$SOLD
    Pogge rc patch auto /15-$25
    Bieksa rc auto patch-$20
    Subban FW auto-#SOLD

    Hossa patch auto /8-$55
    Duncan keith FW auto-$SOLD
    Carey Price auto /5-$100
    Eberle number auto /6-$90
    Beliveau jsy auto-$40
    Delmas emblem auto 1/1-$50
    Potvin auto /25-$45
    Giguere jsy auto /15-$30

    Dadonov /25-$10
    josefson /25-$10
    Rest are 6 each

    Crosby auto-$90
    Delvecchio auto-$12
    Phaneuf FW auto-$SOLD
    Rypien auto-$35
    Giacomin SP auto-$35
    James Neal 1/1 auto-$60
    Daneil Sedin auto /25-$20
    Ovechkin auto-$50

    Niedermayer auto /10-$20
    Lindsay auto-$15
    Tokarski rc auto jsy-$8
    Broten captains auto-$15
    Bryzgalov auto /5-$25
    Brad Park auto-$6
    Tokarski cup rc auto-$20
    Rheaume auto-$SOLD
    Bill Barber auto-$6

    Stamkos patch auto /8-$150
    Jack Johnson cup RPA-$40
    Stamkos ultimate auto-$35
    Patrick Kane rainbow Cup rc-$300
    Rick Nash FW auto-$SOLD
    Patrick Kane letter auto-$35
    Bob Solinger auto 1/1-$40

    Nathan Horton FW auto-$SOLD
    Phaneuf patch auto-$20
    Phaneuf auto enshrinements-$$15
    Bobby ryan FW auto-$SOLD
    Pronovost auto-$8
    Frattin rc auto SP-$15
    Hedman FW auto-$10
    Steve carleson auto-$SOLD
    Bogosian ultimate rc auto-$10

    Perry auto-$10
    Lemelin auto-$10
    Stamkos auto-$40
    Thomas auto-$25
    Staal auto-$10
    Mason auto-$8
    Savard auto-$20
    Patrick kane jersey auto-$25

    Malkin UD JSY-$6
    Brad Park jsy gold /10-$20
    Semin Jumbo jsy /50-$10
    Kesler Jumbo jsy /50-$20
    Lundqvist patch jsy auto /10-$50
    Turk Broda gold trophy case 1/1-$200
    Macleish jsy gold /10-$20
    Pronger nameplate/25-$10

    Dustin Brown patch /25-$20
    Header 1960s-$10
    Crosby Fleury jsy-$20
    Henri Richard jsy gold /10-$30
    Kadri/Gustavsson/Reimer/Grabovski jsy-$20
    Hainswoth superlative pad /9-$40
    Lafleur jsy gold /10-$35
    Crosby jumbo jsy /99-$10

    Lemieux jsy silver /30-$15
    Vic Hadfield jsy gold /10-$20
    Hedberg pad-$8
    Curtis Joseph pad-$10
    Ovechkin/Crosby artifact jsy-$10
    Lemieux frozen artifacts jsy-$10
    Brenden Morrow patch /25-$12

    Robitaille stick jersey-$10
    Joe Watson jsy gold /10-$25
    lecavalier pathc jsy-$15
    Seguin jsy prime /50-$15
    Duncan keith number /25-$15
    Phil myre jsy gold /10-$25
    Cogliano patch /15-$15
    Stamkos jumbo jsy /99-$12

    Dornhoefer jsy gold /10-$20
    Bobby Ryan jsy prime /50-$10
    Robitaille rc records jsy gold /10-$25
    Steve Shutt jsy gold /10-$25
    Niemi jsy /49-$8
    Ovechkin quad jsy /99-$20
    Delvecchio jsy gold /10-$20
    Lindbergh double mem-$75

    Stars triple jsy-$10
    countrymen quad cujo/fuhr/fleury/price-$SOLD
    Hasek /Vokoun patch /25-$25
    Wendel Clark mem gold /20-$20
    Giroux banner season expo red /5-$15
    Wendel Clark heritage patch /25-$15
    MA Fleury jsy-$6
    Larry Robinson jsy gold /10-$25

    Hasek Full Gear /19-$40
    Brad Richards jsy /10-$15
    Luongo/Kesler fightstrap /10-$SOLD
    murray/Savard/Chara Patch /10-$30
    Mahovlich jsy gold /10-$20
    Lanny Macdonald patch /25-$20
    Bobby Ryan patch auto /25-$15

    Theo Fleury Complete /9-$70
    Loob auto-$5
    Kiprusoff full gear /19-$SOLD
    kiprusoff full gear gold 1/1-$SOLD
    doan/iginla jsy /25-$10
    Rene Bourque jsy prime-$10
    macinnis/macdonald jsy-$6

    Sittler/macdonald/Williams teammates /30-$40
    Sittlr/Giguere/Kadri /24-$30
    Wendel Clark jsy/auto-$25
    Clint Benedict skate (insane mem piece,probably 5 clr and looks dirty)-$80
    Mahovlich emblem 5/5-$70

    Irbe jsy-$10
    Wendel Clark patch-$10
    O'reilly jsy gold /10-$25
    Curtis Joseph jsy gold /10-$40
    yzerman/connolly jsy-$15
    Bill BArber jsy gold /10-$20
    Mikita jsy gold /10-$30
    Guy Lapointe jsy gold /10-$25

    Wendel Clark first overall jsy /25- $15
    Wendel Clark stick auto /40-$40
    yzerman/Hull auto /19-$100
    Wendel Clark auto /60-$30

    Berube/Domi jersey-$8
    Pelle Lindbergh pad /10-$110
    Hainsworth double mem-$60
    Tiger Williams jsy silver /30-$12
    Sittler stick auto SP-$40 (Damaged case)
    Kharlamov seam /15-$70
    Kessel patch /9-$30

    Cloutier stick /10-$20
    Plante goalie gear-$35
    Neely/Park patch /15-$30 (card is perfectly fine, thats just the sleeve)
    Kurri 500 goal scorers /9-$70
    Vachon jsy gold /10-$25
    Rick Martin jsy gold /10-$35
    Rejean houle jsy gold /10-$25
    Phil Esposito jsy gold /10-$30

    Tony Esposito HSHS-$40
    Tampa bay quad /25-$25
    Dione nicknames-$10
    Naslund Nameplate-$20
    Lemieux stick auto-$75

    Pronger/Giroux/JVR patch /15-$40
    Beliveau/roy time warp-$40
    Tim Horton Blades of steel-$SOLD
    Sedin/Sedin patch /15-$40
    Lumley stick/jersey-$25

    tkazcuk jsy gold /10-$20
    Stapleton jsy gold/10-$20
    Sittler jsy gold /10-$30
    Tony esposito jsy 1/1 (upside down)-$60
    Tony esposito jsy gold /10-$30
    Denis savard nameplate /25-$15
    Pelle lindbergh pad /10-$150

    Jordan Staal patch-$15
    Denis Potvin glove-$15
    St louis patch-$10
    cogliano patch auto-$20
    Crosby PSA 10 YG-$400

    thornton black base 1/1-$60
    Gaborik patch-$35
    Lafleur jsy /9-$30
    Halak/joseph/Hall gold /10-$100
    classic confrontation mtl/toronto-$30
    irving jsy silver /20-$10
    tampa quad jsy-$12
    gionta jsy /25-$10

    Cujo pad-$15
    Bill Durnan Trapper-$35
    vokoun/varlamov/riggin gold /10-$30
    vezina pad (vanbiesbrouck)-$250
    naslund tag-$30
    boogaard plate1/1-$35
    brad richards jsy /25-$5
    boychuk auto-$5
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    PM sent
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Starting a new, limited GETZLAF PC - looking for hard-signed autos of Getzlaf and any memorabilia with print run 100 or less.

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    pm sent.....
    Base Cards "Tons of UD Base"

    Bucket Hidden Content

    "Proud Member of the Hate Trifecta" "Habs "Yanks "Cowboys

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    think I got back to everyone. thanks for the sales so far. I just added more. With a lot more to come later

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    i will take the duncan keith and dion phaneuf sp authentic rcs

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