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Thread: Pure Garbage!!!

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    Pure Garbage!!!

    Well, after a little over a year of waiting.... I FINALLY got my redemption JUNK from Fleer. I had originally sent in an autograph redemption of Julius Peppers and with Fleer being bought out, I had to wait, and wait, .... and wait some more.. Well today I got my cards, since they couldn't fill the original redemptions, they just gave whatever they could find in their basement I guess.... I wound up with:

    Chafie Fields 00 Fleer Autographics autograph (who's this guy?!?!)
    Kevin Johnson 00 Fleer "Genuine Coverage" jersey
    Chad Pennington 00 Fleer "Genuine Coverage" jersey...

    I think they coulda' just kept these, LoL!!!

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    Chafie Fields was a WR drafted out of Penn State in 2000, I believe by New Orleans, also played for the Jets and Chiefs b4 being cut:)

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    Sorry 'bout your luck on those redemptions, Peppers. Do you need an 02 Peppers Rookie Chase or Press Pass JE Peppers Up Close?

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