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    Three Vince Carter and One Jamaal Tinsley Rookie

    97-98 Upper Deck Ovation Vince Carter Rookie NR-MINT $35

    2001-2002 Jamaal Tinsley Upper Deck Rookie High Court card number 98 marked 0850/1000


    99-00 Upper Deck Inkredible Vince Carter Autograph card number VC Official Autograph Mint could probably get a 9.5 or a perfect 10 at Beckett grading service

    01-02 Fleer Ultra League Leaders Vince Carter Jersey Card $30

    Some of these prices are negotiable, IM on AIM Adam155666 for details of reply to post.
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    Can you do me a favor and find the latest book price of the 99-00 UD Inkredible VC Auto?

    I'll give you a good deal i just want to know what they say the max price for it is...
    Okay it's the 99-00 UD Retro was 100-120 book...this book is a bit old...if you have the lastest book look it up for me...i won't charge u no where near full price ...i'd just like to know what it says for full...

    Ohh and trust me if you got this baby graded....she'd get atleast a 9.5 looking at it again...straight nice cornor, even sides everything looks balanced.

    It's in a really thick case.

    Ps. Sorry if you had means to trade, i'm currently trying to get out of the hobby and could use the $$$... :new_squar
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