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Thread: LT Auto JSY value?!

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    Question LT Auto JSY value?!

    Hey guys im not into FB but I bought this a few days ago:

    ^^Bottom card*

    Seemed like a good deal for the price I paid, has anyone seen any of these end on ebay? I dont see any in completed or current.

    Just wondering of an approximate value to put on it.

    I know they are 1:800+ packs and this is RC year 2001, other than that im leaving it up to you FB guys, come to me when you have bball questions ;)

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    The Bowman Rookie Relic Autograph from his rookie year books $175 and is numbered BJALT on back. Not sure if that is the same card or not. Nice card. Wish I had some baseball to trade for it.

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    That's it Shockers.

    Nice card and price Paul. Congrats on the nice pickup. I've only seen 1, maybe 2 myself.

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    Thanks guys but im not looking for the BV I already know that, looking for the SELL value, if any have ever seen sold on ebay or what you would expect one to sell for.

    sHiNo: The urlacher isnt mine :(

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    paul06901 -if your looking for baseball i have these FT,that is if your wanting to trade it

    0 ud yankees legends goose gossage-legendary pinstripes-jesery/auto with stripe
    02 Finest Mike Schmidt-finest momentes 4 HR in 1 game-autograph

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    Thanks andrade but I dont collect Baseball, only BBall, and im pretty set on selling this as im getting out of collecting finally :/

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