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Thread: 2012 Topps Chrome

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    greatalbert i pm'ed u my set needs and what i had for ur set needs

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    Nope. I am waiting to confirm on my end for organization purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatAlbert View Post
    hanstess - Claiborne is now available.

    BradWells - What do you need in return?
    I still have the two R Wilson Tallboys. Would that work>?
    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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    Sure. Did you have something else you needed as well?

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    Only others were the Dez Bryant Black & Blue's...
    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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    could use any of this stuff..lmk what we can work out:

    blackmon base rc
    richardson rc
    foles rc
    r. hillman xfractor rc
    marvin jones xfractor rc
    tannehill orange ref

    Prism Refractors /216:
    113 Dan Herron
    116 Kendall Reyes

    Camo Refractors /499:
    7 Jay Cutler
    102 Tamba Hali
    130 Michael Turner

    Black Refractors /299:
    35 Dez Bryant
    178 Terrell Suggs

    Blue Refractors /199:
    35 Dez Bryant
    BASEBALL: Hidden Content
    BASKETBALL: Hidden Content
    FB TRADELIST: Hidden Content !!!!
    MY WANTLIST!! Hidden Content

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    Brad - Really don't want to trade refractors for base right now. Do you have any inserts? Refractors of Packers/Badgers?

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    Steeltown - What I have is posted in the first post of this thread. I am in the midst of whittling down my needs. The best shot at having something for me would be to hit the refractors needs. Let me know. Thanks.

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    Lists up to date. Opened two more Target blasters and two rack packs and pulled a Luck XFractor (NFT) and a Lamar Miller Base auto, among other things. Let me know what you can use.

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