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Thread: Rynobooks/Once a Cub Customs

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    Rynobooks/Once a Cub Customs

    I've been doing customs for about a year now and I posted some here a while ago. I go by rynobooks on most sites but Once a Cub is my blog so you'll see one or the other as my watermark. Here are some of my most recent designs:

    2012 Cubs team set. Made a card for the entire roster, every player who played in a game this season. (Of all the seasons to commemorate, right?) You can see the whole set right HERE. The font for name and number is the font used on the back of the Cubs jerseys.

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    Here are a few of a newer design:

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    Adapted for football:

    Ditka. The Bears orange was really orange and the Bears blue was too dark with his sweater so I went with a gradient.

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    very nice man. Been doing kinda the same thing w/ my dolphins like you are doing for the cubs.

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