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Thread: How did you choose your PC?

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    Mine is easy. Favorite team is the Leafs, best player on the leafs is Kessel. However collecting the best player in the hockey hot bed of the world is pretty expensive and hard to do. I'm thinking of just collecting tough guys now. Kessel is fun and a rising star in this league but in order to super collect that guy you'd have to have boat loads of money stashed away somewhere. I simply do not lol
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    I sarted to collect habs in general. When Patrick Roy came in in 86, I turn my focus on collecting him. Stop collecting mid 90's and started again in 2007. Then it was Carey Price that became my main focus player. Of course I still grab habs in general but I have a preference for all goaltender. I will pick a hab goaler over any other postion in a deal.
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    For my PC, I collect two different sets. They happen to be from the same year, 07-08. I guess I decided on the 2 brands because I opened some boxes and got nice pulls right away. It has been nice collecting a set because you start with the base set..then the parallels and low end inserts. Working on the harder sub sets is the fun part...jerseys or autos or patches or any combination depending on the brand. It's been great so me to say, finish a jersey set and then work harder on the auto set, yet still looking for better jerseys from the set...2-3-4 color jerseys and make the set really unique. I know I'll never collect all of the tougher, really low numbered patches or cards like that, but I'm surprised how close I have gotten.
    The bad part of collecting sets, is that my sets are now 6-7 years old and it's getting harder and harder to find the cards I need. They must be out there somewhere, but I can't find them.
    In the mean time, I just started another PC, 1 auto card from every player ever to play for my local NHL team. I originally wanted every card to be in that teams jersey, but figured out that is impossible. A lot of players I am taking in any jersey, as long as the card has the auto. Some players only played 1 game ever for the team. My team isn't even 15 years old yet, so there isn't too many players to collect. It would be tough/impossible to do for older teams.
    That's some weird ways to collect....but fun too..Pick who/what you are going to collect and stick with it....PC become really nice over time...It takes a lot of time....Justin
    I collect anything I need from 07-08 Ultra hockey..07-08 Heroes and Prospects.
    Looking for JONAS BRODIN cards I need........also any YG's I need from various years
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    I never caught on to a hockey team growing up in CT between Rangers/Islanders and Whalers territory. I was never able to figure it out but I watched a lot of hockey and rooted for a lot of teams/players so I collect rookie cards of every player to make an impact at any point in the NHL in my lifetime. You name him, I've got him.

    With the abundance of auto'd cards in circulation now I also have an HHoF collection that contains Hall-of-Famers from my lifetime's A) Rookie (overflow from my RC collection, nice excuse to hoard with the potential that they'll get in the Hall), B) Auto of them in their prime, C) Last year card of them as old fat guys along with a card back that has their full statistics.

    I try and build a few sets but it never is that exciting so I usually trade them for projects 1 and 2.
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