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Thread: Senior Bowl

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    When can I send you my Penn State, Ohio State, and NC State photos?

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    You keep updating but arnt getting back with people... pm'ed you and written on here with no response. lmk as im interested in doin some 8x10 of several players. thanks

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    Sorry I have been very busy with the holidays. I am not taking any items just yet. I am waiting to see how the roster continues to come together. I will only be taking a limited number of items but I have to see what I need for my personal collection and if I will have any help. I will be taking footballs, mini helmets, etc as a priority then I may take some photos on 50/50.

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    thanks for the reply u should have said what u wanted in a 50/50 first..not everyone can do footballs and minis..thanks

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    more announcements...including coaching staffs

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    Solace.....Iwould like to do Jordan Hill....PENN STATE 50/50 for photos

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    I would be interested in 8x10 of Tyler Wilson, Jim Schwartz, Ryan Nassib,
    Collecting: Yordano Ventura, Salvador Perez, Mike Moustakas, and especially Eric Hosmer.

    Always looking for Autographs with Bible verse inscriptions

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    I guess this entire thread was pointless since I believe the game was this weekend.......Did anyone get a response?

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