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    LF: 2011-12 Dominion Base & Red Wings Gold Parallels

    Currently have 51/100 including what I've got incoming on the base set /199. My current goal is to cross the 75% threshold by the end of 2012. On my Red Wings Gold Parallel Team Set, I have the Gordie Howe /25 and a Nicklas Lidstrom /25 incoming, but need the rest of the Wings /25 (Datsyuk, Howard, Zetterberg, Yzerman plus the Rookies Nyquist & Smith).

    I'm looking to purchase a small lot of cards for the list of what I still need. My base list is here:

    Here are my 'expectations' (I prefer direct and mutually beneficial communication)

    (1) Please forward me the list of what you want to or are willing to move and your needed price.
    (2) I am willing to take on other Dominion 'junk' if it is included at the lot pricing.
    (3) This is a buy thread, but I am willing to trade if I have something you need/want.

    Please note the following 'corollaries':
    (1) Please don't send me a list and ask for an offer. I'm looking for lot pricing comparable to what I've paid on similar lots. If you need $4+ per base card plus shipping, I'm not your guy.
    (2) I'm defining 'junk' as autos/jersey/parallels/base which are not easily sold. If you can get $15-45 on eBay for it, I don't want it included in along with a base lot. The base is what I collect and want to spend my money on right now.
    (3) I will trade anything for the cards I need, if the trade makes 'sense'. I will not trade a $50 BV hard-signed HOF auto for $50 BV of Dominion base (~4-8 cards). I will also not trade a $20 dlvd SV card for 5 Dominion base which each sell for $4 dlvd.

    I hope my honesty is more helpful than hurtful to my cause and I look forward to what I can pick up from my list! Thanks!!
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    I have #27 Quick . #45 Duchene . #85 Holtby.
    + Zetterberg /5 if interested.
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